They Might Be Giants Song Picker

The man from the cover of Long Tall Weekend holding up a single blue music note with his robot arm

demo demo demo this tool is NOT finished! right now only adult studio albums are included+album selection doesn't work. this message will be removed when everything is fixed+finished

welcome to my tmbg picker! here, tmbg songs are pitted against each other and it's up to you to select which ones you like better until your favourites start to appear. this may take a while—i've tried to include as many distinct songs as i can, for those of us who have favourite songs that never made it off of dial-a-song or got stuck on out-of-print eps. you can select which songs are included by checking or unchecking albums in the options section. bonus tracks are included in albums and not on any collections they've been released on just to save myself some coding. if you're picking from lots of albums, don't worry about your progress—the website will save it for you. :]

to use this picker, simply select the songs you like best from the current group, and then hit "pick" to confirm your selection(s). the songs you didn't pick will be marked as eliminated by the songs you did pick. for a shorter list, focus on picking your top favourites; for a longer list, pick all the songs you prefer from the current group. you can use the "pass" button to skip the current group. this is functionally the same as picking everything—it marks down none of the songs as having been eliminated, and they'll come up again later if you keep playing.

neither the code for the picker nor the idea of pitting tmbg songs against each other are my own. the code is originally for the favourite pokemon picker from the cave of dragonflies, and it can be found on github here. the tmbg sorter i took inspiration from was made by fellow neocities denizen bluef00t, and his can be played with on his site here. i'd also like to thank this might be a wiki for providing references of what to sort where.

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