Fingertips Picker

A banner made out of thumbnail illustrations based on the Fingertips songs

have you ever listened to the fingertips tracks and wondered how you'd rank them? or are you just a tmbg fan looking for something to do online? if so, you're in the right place—welcome to the fingertips picker! here, the fingertips tracks are pitted against each other and it's up to you to select which ones you like better until your favourites start to appear. don't worry about your progress—the website will save it for you. :]

to use this picker, simply select the songs you like best from the current group, and then hit "pick" to confirm your selection(s). the songs you didn't pick will be marked as eliminated by the songs you did pick.

the code for this picker is originally from the favourite pokemon picker from the cave of dragonflies, and it can be found on github here.

click here to reset all current progress:

found favorites

in case anybody wondered, i coded this page while actually listening to fingertips, and it was massively distracting.